Here’s to 2015

Ah the beginning of January. When all of us suddenly decide to change multiple things about our lives, because we chose January 1st as the arbitrary day of a new year.

I’m not really one for new year’s resolutions, but I do like setting goals for the year. They don’t have to be big, elaborate goals, they can be as simple as drink more wine (my boyfriend’s goal for 2014) or get through the end of nursing school (mine for 2015). I do like starting January off on a healthy note though. Maybe it’s because I tend to eat my weight in cheese and chocolate during the month of December, but I often start the new year off vegan, as a way of forcing myself to eat a little healthier, and a way of forcing myself to try new recipes.

Since so many of us like to start the new year off feeling fresh and healthy, here are some of my favourite healthy recipes to get you started off on the right foot.

Detox smoothie

I love this detox smoothie from last January. It’s packed with nutrients, and the bright purple-blue colour is gorgeous.

Ginger green smoothie

This ginger green smoothie is another favourite of mine. You can put pretty much any fruit or veggie into a green smoothie and it’ll probably taste good, but I like throwing fresh ginger in there too. I love the bite it gives to the smoothie, and ginger makes your tummy happy too!

Detox salad with baked sesame tofu

I have a lot of great salad recipes on this site, but this healthy detox salad is one of my favourites for January. How can you not glow inside and out with all these tasty and healthy ingredients?

Roasted tofu and kale

Roasted tofu with kale is one of my favourite, easy, quick dinners. The tofu roasts for about 30 minutes, getting nice and crispy, and then you roast the kale for another 10 minutes. The kale is slightly crispy, and both tofu and kale are packed with flavour from a delicious lemon-rosemary-chili flake marinade. I probably make a version of this at least every two weeks. It’s such a tasty quick dinner!

Perfect peanut tofu with cauliflower rice

Speaking of tofu, you can never go wrong with peanut tofu. I love the peanut sauce in this recipe so much I eat it with a spoon. Serving the tofu and veggies over cauliflower rice saves you calories, and gives you a much healthier base than rice would.

100 calorie cupcakes

Finally, eating healthy doesn’t mean you can’t have dessert. These 100 calorie cupcakes are everything you want a cupcake to be – rich, moist, chocolatey – but they’re (amazingly) only 100 calories each. Which means you can have two, right?

Happy new year all, I hope 2015 brings you all adventure and tasty meals!

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