Healthy Vegan Meal Ideas

Usually I start the new year with smoothies and salads and other super healthy meal ideas. But it’s currently -25 in Toronto and all I want to do is curl up in bed with something warm and filling.

So instead, here are a bunch of my coziest, heartiest, favourite vegan dinner ideas, so you can start the year off the right way, but also warm up from the tundra outside!

Instant Miso Noodles

Miso sesame instant noodle cups

I am still so obsessed with these! Make-ahead, homemade instant noodles that are high in protein, packed with flavour, and so good for you.

Creamy Seven Vegetable Soup

7 Vegetable soup

I make this soup a few times a month. You can use whatever veggies you have hanging around your fridge, and it makes such a huge batch that you can freeze some for lunch next week or next month. I usually add two cans of white beans into the soup – when you blend it you can’t taste them, but it adds a nice amount of protein.

Tavce Gravce 

Tavce Gravce

These Macedonian baked beans are perfect for winter – hearty, spicy, super filling.

Eggplant Lasagne with Tofu Ricotta

Zucchini lasagna

This lasagna is so much better than your typical lasagne. Thinly sliced eggplant replaces noodles, and instead of ricotta, there’s a protein-packed tofu version. So good you won’t even miss the regular version!

Chai Pear Oatmeal 

Pear Chai Oatmeal

Your breakfast needs to be warming and healthy too! This oatmeal is my favourite right now – so filling and delicious, and keeps me warm all morning.

Stay warm out there folks!

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