More Healthy Food for a Broken Heart

First of all, you guys are awesome.

Cauliflower rice with chickpeas

I’m a very very private person. It’s really hard for me to open up, even to the people I’m closest to. So writing this post, which doesn’t even really go into detail about what’s happening in my life right now, was super difficult. But I opened up just a little bit and all this love came pouring in. I’m very aware that I need to widen my circle of support and I’m so lucky to have so many people in my life willing to listen to me and cry with me. I have more things written about what’s going on but I need time to process and feel more confident in telling the world about it. But thank you for the love and support.

Anyway, on to more super healthy foods that make you feel good from the inside out.

Cauliflower rice with chickpeas

This salad is next-level healthy. It’s a vegan, low carb riff on the classic rice and beans combo. You’ve got crunchy (raw!) cauliflower rice instead of regular rice, and crispy roasted chickpeas in place of the peas. Then you add more crunch – tart green apples, green onions, and sunflower seeds, and round the whole thing out with a tangy lime dressing. This recipe is from The First Mess, and I’m linking directly to it because I basically changed nothing. Laura makes awesome creative, healthy, plant based recipes and if you’re living under a rock and not already following her blog, you should go do that right now.

PS – how gorgeous are these plates? Thanks Japan!


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