Giveaway Winners!

Hey everyone!

It’s time to post the winners of my December giveaway! I had some great entries, and these three ladies came out on top!

The winner is Caitlin, who sent in this gorgeous picture of my stuffed sweet potatoes.  I love how Caitlin switched up the recipe a bit to make it her own! (I’ll ignore that bacon you threw in there Caitlin ;))

She says of these sweet potatoes: “Here is a photo of the beautiful stuffed sweet potato I made which was delicious (and I totally did not add bacon to it). We had it with some lentil stew, but after I had finished my potato I was already pretty stuffed (see what I did there?). You were right, it is a meal in itself! Also, I used swiss chard instead of kale and grated some parm on top because I feel like swiss chard and parm should be friends.” I agree!

I have two fabulous runners-up. Shelby made my chili lime roasted chickpeas

And April made three things! I loved her story about the adventure she had making these breadsticks. Adventures in the kitchen make the best stories!

April says:”The breadsticks were great as well, though a big mistake was made by mistaking wax paper for parchment paper… which means I thought the breadsticks were getting burnt in the oven from all the smoke coming out. And there was some wax transfer onto the bread itself. But I hear its non toxic. Oh well, it was delicious anyway. This is the last breadstick left as I forgot to take a picture after they all came out of the oven. We snatched them up pretty quickly!”

Thanks to all who entered. These three lucky ladies will be receiving their prizes soon!

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